Dear Hearing Center provides hearing aids to DEAR HEARING TOGETHER activities.

    Dear Hearing Together activity is one of the activities that Dear Hearing Center has continuously focused on. To support and help people with hearing problems Live a normal life and have a better quality of life. Deer Hearing Center has given 1 SIGNIA RUN CLICK CIC hearing aid, valued at 15,900 baht, to Mr. Sai-on, age 19, living in San Sai District, Chiang Mai Province. By Ms. Thanyaporn Raksawong, representative from Deer Hearing Center and Dr. Teeraphon Phithakkitchanakorn from Maneenopparat Medical Clinic gave the gift.

    Mr. Sai-on is a patient of Dr. Teeraphon. which the doctor sent for a hearing test at the Deere Hearing Center Chiang Mai Branch The doctor said that Mr. Sai On’s family Is a Burmese person who immigrated to Thailand. and has had hearing problems since childhood Plus, I don’t have the financial means to buy a hearing aid. and had no prior knowledge of ears thus allowing the hearing problem to continue When the doctor learned of the problem, he felt sympathy. and would like to help Mr. Sai On Return to hearing as usual And when the doctor found out about the activities of the Deer Hearing Center So I became interested and had Mr. Sai-on send stories to join in the activities at the Deer Hearing Center.

    He described the problem of hearing that He had problems as a child. I had to sit in front of the class all the time because I couldn’t hear clearly, so I was distracted by my friends. The class thought that he was a problem child. But when he grew up, he realized that he had hearing problems in both ears.

    Mr. Sai-on told the story after wearing the hearing aid that “Hearing is very different from before when I didn’t wear the device. I can hear more clearly. Wearing hearing aids made him hear more clearly. Results were immediately seen when wearing the hearing aids. Very different from those that weren’t worn. Because before, talking while wearing a mask could not be clearly heard. After wearing it, you can clearly hear the sound while talking. Thank you to those who donated hearing aids.”
    Dear Hearing Center would like to thank Dr. Teeraphon. Phitakkitchanakorn from Maneenopparat Medical Clinic who recommended Mr. Sai On Participating in the Dear Hearing Together activity this time has helped restore the joy of hearing..again.

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