Get it for free!! DEAR HEARING hearing aid battery number 675

Get it for free!! DEAR HEARING hearing aid batteries, number 675, 1 panel per person, value 200 baht, delivered directly to your home.
(EMS shipping fee applies) (Right reserved for number 675 only)
Just follow these simple steps:
1. Add a friend via Line @dearhearing (with @ in front) or scan the QR CODE on the picture.
2. Type the word “Get free batteries”
3. Inform your first and last name. telephone number and delivery address
4. Make payment for the shipping fee of 50 baht and provide proof of payment (shipping via EMS only)
**Limited quantity When it’s gone, it’s gone.** Follow more news by clicking.
Ask for more information
Tel. 02-668-1300, 081-352-8412
Line OA : @dearhearing
Website :
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