DEAR History

The Bel Hearing Center was established in 1989 (1989) by Assistant Professor Somchai Phatthana-Anek, Otolaryngologist and Dr. Mukda Pattana-Anek, Otolaryngologist. Company executives Starting from Ear, Nose and Throat Center Clinic operates a hearing problem business by hearing problem solving experts. Is an importer-distributor of hearing aids And hearing monitors Hearing examination cabinet for use in the hearing examination room Standard laboratory for the manufacture of hearing aids and repairing hearing aids. A speaking practice for children is offered by a hearing editor with a determination to solve the problems of the hearing impaired. For a better quality of life Able to live with the family And others in society happily Which initially located in the Muang district area Chonburi Province And has a second branch later at Soi Chau Phueng, Chatuchak District, Bangkok

Then in the year 2547 (2004) the management of the company Saw an opportunity to expand the business more Therefore increasing capital to expand more branches And develop standards in service Including building personnel to have expertise in hearing aids and hearing problems Therefore established a branch of Sukhothai Road Up as head office And changed the name to the center of the Yindee Med Co., Ltd. (DMED HEARING Center), importer and distributor of world famous brands of hearing aids such as WIDEX from Denmark, SIEMENS and MAICO hearing detectors and later expanded the hearing service center Up to 30 branches to give people access to services in all regions of Thailand

With care in service and good corporate management, Jindee Med Center Co., Ltd. is certified to ISO9001 and ISO13485. Also recognizes the importance of developing innovation in hearing It is supported by the National Innovation Institute (NIA) to develop and manufacture 100% digital hearing aids, “drones” (DRONE) manufactured in Thailand by Thai people for Thai people to use hearing aids with good technology. Equivalent to hearing aids imported from abroad at an affordable price Help reduce the import of goods from abroad Therefore, it received the top 10 National Innovation Award, No. 5 in 2012, which is the pride of the Gathering Med Center. And also received various awards from many institutions

In addition, the center was welcomed by the maid. We use our hearing knowledge as a part of helping society. Every year, we organize various social assistance programs such as hearing screening units for the elderly, hearing aid programs for the elderly. Problems of hearing in the northeast, project to give hearing aids to children in school age And also in collaboration with other organizations or agencies In doing social assistance activities We are happy to help society to improve people’s quality of life for the better.

At present, the center of the welcome maid There are 14 service centers throughout Thailand. And in leading public and private hospitals With experience in the business of hearing problems And the expertise that has been accumulated over 27 years, as well as the trust of those who use the service, which is the driving force behind us to continue to pursue our ambition to return the joy of hearing. To the hard of hearing have a good quality of life Happy with the family And live happily

And in the year 2017 the center Developed DEAR Hearing Center (DEAR HEARING)


Assistant Professor Somchai Phatthana-anek, M.D.



Dr. Mukda Patana-Anek

Executive Director


Khun Phumipatana Anek

Managing Director

Dear Hearing Center

One-stop hearing aid service center By hearing problem experts Founded and operated the business of hearing problems for more than 30 years, managed by Asst. Prof. Somchai Phatthana-Anek (Otolaryngologist), Dr. Mukda Patana-Anek (Audiologist) and Khun Phumipatana-Anek (Director Manager) providing hearing solutions, hearing screening for young children Older children and adults Check the hearing aid Selling hearing aids, batteries and various hearing aid accessories With repair services for all brands of hearing aids

Dear Hearing Center, we are the official importer and distributor in Thailand. Hearing Aids (Hearing Aids) and hearing detectors (Audio Meter) from world-class companies such as WIDEX from Denmark, SIEMENS from Germany.

We have a team that specializes in hearing aids and troubleshooting hearing problems.

There is a service center with modern technology. Convenience, ready to serve you all 13 branches nationwide And in leading private hospitals There is a team of skilled technicians to take care of your hearing aids. To be in a condition that is always ready to use So you can “have fun hearing .. again”