When the ears “can’t hear” what to do?

“Have you ever thought? If one day you cannot hear What are you going to do? “

The ear is the organ we listen to and is considered one of the most important. But if your ears have a hearing loss. Whether by accident Increased age or heavy use of the ear May be able to change your life for the rest of your life. Which if you still think that You can still listen to the sound normally. Because his age is still young Let the hearing worsen until the end of the problem is far too serious for you to bear. By then, it might have been too late. So for those of you who think your ears are important And want to know how to check your own hearing that is normal or not. Deer Hearing Center Will recommend a service “” hearing level test “that your hearing Is it still good or not?

What is a hearing exam?
This is to check the hearing level of both ears to determine the extent of hearing loss. With a test of the sound pressure gradient at each frequency By checking through the Audiometer And soundproof cabinet In which the test takers Press the button through the device (Patient response) by pressing and holding if you hear a sound. The hearing examination is divided into 3 types: hearing through air conduction, bone conduction hearing test. And an auditory examination using speech When finished testing Will take the results of the examination to see if the hearing is abnormal or not And to know the hearing level of the tester as well

Graphs simulating the degree of hearing loss by frequency.
Credit : babyhearing.org

Patient response

Visual graph of hearing test results



What is a hearing exam?
1. Get started That is the basic history. To ask history about hearing whether you have had problems before or not or what symptoms from hearing are.

        2. After completing the history inquiry The next step is to check for abnormalities in the ear canal. We will use a device called Otoscope whose function is to look at the ear canal. And that the eardrum is abnormal or not. When finished Will allow the person to be examined Go into the soundproof cabinet for further examination. Which is examined through the soundproofing cabinet, there will be a 3 ear examination that is

– Hearing through conduction of sound through the air (Air conduction) is the examination of hearing sound through headphones. Into the outer ear, middle layer, inner ear Using pure sound (Pure tone) is a test. To see what degree of hearing loss (Starting from Slight loss To lose a lot)

– Bone conduction hearing examination is done through headphones through the mastoid bone (mastoid bone) using pure sound (Pure tone) is a test. To distinguish what kind of hearing loss, such as deteriorating nerve endings, hearing impairment, etc.

– A hearing using speech (Speech audiometer) is a test to see the ability to distinguish the sound of the auditory nerve system. How much is left With a test to speak according to the sound heard


Hearing examination through bone conduction

Hearing and examination room conditions

Hearing examination through air conduction

          3. When doing the examination. As mentioned above is done Then the results of the examination were analyzed to determine the hearing level of the examined person If there is no abnormality in the test results, it may be recommended to see a specialist for further treatment. In case of ear pain or tinnitus But if the examination results Showing results for hearing disorders Like hearing high sounds Low noise is a problem Will be a step in testing the hearing aid The hearing aid used for testing is a WIDEX hearing aid, the staff will use the WIDEX compass GPS program to tune the hearing aid so that the sound entering through it is amplified to fit the hearing level according to the results. The Speech tracker is displayed in a graph through the WIDEX compass GPS program screen. Wearing a hearing aid is saying How much better or clearer is the hearing of the wearer after wearing it? Which can be viewed in real time

The hearing-examiner points to a graph to show the test taker’s hearing level.

Speech tracker is used to describe the function of the hearing aid operation, how pleased when the tester wears it.

          When no sound is heard Or have hearing problems such as I heard a softer sound I can’t hear clearly Or listen to a louder sound but hear it normally Should hurry to come and check his hearing to find the cause of the symptoms as quickly as possible because If you leave it for a long time May affect daily use Accident Or wrong communication with those around you, if you are any atInterested in using hearing examination services Able to receive hearing examination services at all 13 Dear Hearing Centers nationwide. Can see the location map of each branch Here The cost of a hearing exam is only 400 baht or anyone using DTAC’s telephone network can use the right to receive a free hearing exam free of charge. You can check the conditions of use. Here If you have any further questions, you can call to inquire at 02-668-1300 every day except Sunday from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm. Fanpage : DEAR HEARING Or make an appointment online at the website www.dear.co.th/appointment/

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