Effects of hearing loss

Thailand is moving towards “Elderly Society” is estimated that in the year 2020 there will be as many elderly people as 12.6 million people, causing Thailand to prepare to deal with changing public health problems. And even though today’s medicine has developed far and wide, But the body deteriorates over time. which may have an effect on the way of life Especially regarding hearing which affects the efficiency of communicating with people and environment Because if your ears are damaged, you will not be able to communicate with anyone.

“Ears” are the organs that allow us to hear various sounds. It carries meaningful sound waves to the brain. After that, the brain interprets the sound it hears if it is not stimulated by the sound. The ability to interpret any sound is reduced.

There are 2 causes of deafness in the elderly:

1 The inner ear, which is the part that receives sound, deteriorates with age.

2 middle ear and outer ear that causes inflammation There may be earwax blockage and water retention, causing deafness. This is because the sound transmission mechanism is not perfect.

Effects of “deafness”

– Elderly people will have hearing problems. Found from 40-60 percent in people over 75 years of age and increases to more than 80 percent in people over 85 years of age. The hearing of the elderly will deteriorate gradually. Elderly people often do not understand. Or hear it but can’t understand it.

– Elderly people may feel forgetful and ask questions over and over again due to slow and deteriorating brain function and if they also have deafness problems. When the brain is not stimulated by sound It will cause the brain to deteriorate faster.

– When the speaker cannot be heard Unable to respond to the interlocutor Therefore unable to interact with the environment or close people, affecting emotions and feelings. Elderly people feel hurt and feel neglected by family members. They will keep quiet and this may be the cause of depression.

Help guidelines

If the hearing nerve deteriorates from age Using a hearing aid It will help the elderly hear better. Currently, hearing aids are very modern and rely on digital technology. This makes it possible to adjust the sound to be more natural. You can also control it from being too loud if it is very loud. It will adjust the volume to suit. It is not harmful to the hearing nerve.

Using a hearing aid It will help stimulate hearing to send sound waves to the brain and will maintain brain function. which children and grandchildren should take close care of and give encouragement interact with you regularly Hearing the sounds you like, whether it be the voices of family members, music, the sounds of nature around you, will maintain your hearing and create happiness for you.

As for hearing problems in the middle ear It can be treated with surgery and medicine regardless of the cause of the hearing loss. You should immediately see a doctor. And find urgent treatment for the good hearing health of the elderly, which is yours.


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