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How do we know if a hearing aid is Which type is right for you? Today, Dear Hearing has 7 great tips to help you get used to your new hearing aid!

You will find that at first your voice sounds funny or unfamiliar. And the most noticeable sound is chewing or swallowing. These feelings will be annoying at first. But it gradually disappears the more you wear your hearing aid!

7 great tips to help you get used to your new hearing aid!

1. Wear it at home, get used to your hearing aid.

2. Test your hearing yourself, such as turning on the TV or listening to surrounding sounds.

3. Estimate the time of wearing each day, for example, day 1, wear 3 hours, day 2, wear 4 hours, increase the hours and so on.

4. Consult an expert Adjust your hearing to suit yourself.

5. Learn to take care of your hearing aids with Consult an expert

6. You must be patient and adapt gradually. Because wearing a hearing aid causes sounds that we have never heard to be heard again, making it difficult for us to adapt.

7. Periodic hearing report to a specialist each month.

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