Dear Hearing Together

Distributing free hearing aids “Dear Hearing Together”

Due to National Disability Day 2020, Deer Hearing Center and D-Med Hearing Center We invite you to be a part of the activity “Dear Hearing Together” or the Hear Together activity. Through the Deere Hearing Center One in-the-ear hearing aid (Signia Run Click CIC) will be given free of charge. For those who have hearing problems Just click “Like” on the Dear Hearing Center fan page. Comment your story on Facebook “If you received a hearing aid to use. How do you think hearing aids will affect your life?”
Type a story, whether it’s about yourself or someone you think needs a hearing aid. Then post it in the comments under the activity picture and attach a picture of the person who needs a hearing aid, and press share this activity on your Facebook.
If anyone tells a story, the Deere Hearing Center deems it appropriate. We will contact you back so that you can come in for hearing testing services. If the hearing test results are within the specified criteria Receive 1 in-the-ear hearing aid (Signia Run Click CIC) free of charge (the hearing aid given is suitable for people with mild to moderate hearing loss. and hearing loss must not exceed 70 decibels)

Limited to only 20 people, this activity will start on November 14th. The submission deadline is November 27th, along with the announcement of the names of those who will receive hearing aids on November 30th and the hearing aids will be delivered on December 4th. 2020
To see the hearing testing branch near you, click.
Interested in joining the activity at Facebook Fanpage? Click.

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