Uncle Sod Darasri. The 69 years old man, walk from South Pattaya to Dear Hearing Center Pattaya branch. He walks over 5 kilometers, take more than 2 hours until he arrives at the store and sit until the opening.

He tells us stories. “I have only 2,000 Baht in his pocket, obtained from the disability allowance for 1,400 baht each month. Uncle Sod comes to buying a hearing aid, but he afraid that his money is not enough, so he decided to walk to the shop.”

Uncle Sod tells us more that “5 years ago, he gets hit by a car. His head gets damaged. His memory and right organ are not working properly. His right hand cannot use at all. His right leg cannot step or lift up high.”

From the results of audiometry, Uncle Sod condition is in severe hearing loss (Profound Hearing Loss). The staff lets uncle try the hearing aids WIDEX Bravo BTE, which is designed for the profoundly hearing loss levels of violence.

The result is, Uncle Sod can hear the sound better. Can communicate like normal people, can capture the direction to sound better. There is no noise or whistling sound from the machine, it is working silently.

The center feel happy and thank you the Uncle Sod choose to travel to us with hope that we can help solve the problems of hearing to uncle.

So Dear Hearing Center give
WIDEX Bravo BTE to Uncle Sod free of charge.

So Uncle Sod Darasri enjoyed hearing again.

And don’t need to walk back home.

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