It is a test for hearing sounds at various frequencies, from conversational frequencies to machine noise. which is a frequency that is not heard in everyday life It is a test of the function of the ear and auditory system. To assess your hearing level in detail It is considered a screening test to monitor hearing loss. The examination will bring The data is created as a graph called an audiogram. People with “normal” hearing will have a hearing level between -10 and 25 decibels. If it is more than 25 decibels, it is considered to have a hearing disorder. heard

Initial observation was that there was abnormal hearing.
  1. If that person calls and cannot be heard If you don’t hear the words clearly, you have to ask again.
  2. Ear-related frequencies such as frequent tinnitus, frequent noises in the ears, etc.
  3. Injuries to the ear and head combined with hearing loss
  4. Check before/after surgery or using drugs that may damage the auditory nerve
  5. Was affected by loud noises or working in a noisy place
  6. Have a history of being deaf Deafness in the family Causes of genetics
  7. Children who speak slowly, speak abnormally, and do not respond to sounds or have learning problems

Audiometry Service

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  1. Hearing examination room
    Because a hearing test measures the lowest sound level that a person can hear ( Hearing threshold ), the test should be done in a quiet room. For the location of the hearing examination room  You should keep away from sources of noise such as the building’s sewer pipes, elevators, and common corridors of the building.
  1. Hearing test booth
    The hearing tester must be of high quality and meet standards. Instruments with knobs or switches should be avoided. that causes loud noises when in use Because it will help the patient guess the test from these noises. This makes the examination results unreliable.
  1. Hearing tester
    Currently, Thailand has two levels of hearing examiners: audiologists (Audiologists) and hearing science employees.  

       Hearing tests are divided into two main types: tuning fork and electromechanical audiometer.

Hearing test using a tuning fork
       The aim of the hearing test with a tuning fork   is to differentiate the type of hearing abnormality whether it is Conductive hearing loss  or Sensorineural hearing loss. Normally, this test will use a tuning fork with a frequency of 512 Hz, but an audiologist may be able to test it. Using an audiometer, set the instrument so that the sound comes out of the Bone. A vibrator with a frequency of 500 Hz and a loudness of 35 dB can be used instead of a tuning fork. For the examination methods that will be discussed here, we will talk about two commonly used examination methods: the Weber test and the Rinne test.

How often should your hearing be checked?

​       For the elderly In general, people aged 60 years and over should have a basic hearing test. and be re-examined every 2 – 3 years, but for those who work in a noisy environment Even if you are less than 60 years old, if you receive Sounds that are regularly louder than 85 decibels It is recommended to have your hearing tested every 2 – 3 years.   readmore…


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