Buy a hearing aid Social security withdrawal

For customers who have hearing impairments Customers can use the social security rights that customers are entitled to.

Customers can withdraw 12,000 baht per ear for the device behind the ear or 12,500 baht for the device in the ear canal.

For a period of every 3 years, rights can be used to purchase hearing aids directly at our center.

📌 For customers who have hearing impairments Customers can use it, but the most important thing is that customers must check their rights with Social Security first. whether it can be withdrawn or not

  • When the customer has checked their rights and is able to withdraw. Must submit a request to the Social Security hospital to issue documents for requesting hearing aids. outside the hospital
  • Then bring that document. Come to the service center now.
  • Customers must reserve the full amount first and then submit a refund to the Social Security Office where you depend.😊
  • Free document making fee!! 

After receiving a social security certificate from purchasing a hearing aid The customer can go to the Social Security Office to proceed with the social security rights that the customer should receive.


The documents used to withdraw social security are as follows:

  • Request for replacement benefits form (SSO.2 – 01)
  • receipt
  • Medical certificate (Let the doctor specify the type of prosthetic organ/device used)
  • Copy of ID card or other government-issued card.
  • Evidence of medical treatment Evidence of wearing a hearing aid (test form, receipt issued by the store)
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