Know as much as you can. Hearing problems in the elderly.

As age increases The physical condition will deteriorate. Especially in the elderly that the physical condition will deteriorate quickly and in a bad way As a result, various symptoms occur, including impaired hearing. It is a very important element in communication. And helps to be more safe from the surroundings. Therefore, if you have hearing problems, your quality of life can be greatly reduced.

Initial symptoms

Elderly people have a worse hearing ability. Often there is tinnitus or hearing loss. The first symptoms are Rarely hears high-pitched sounds or high-frequency sounds, such as female voices and high-key music. Or when in a place where there is noise, you may not be able to understand. This causes the elderly to have a decreased quality of life when communicating with others without realizing it.

These symptoms will gradually develop. It’s going slowly. and increasing more Until it becomes a big problem in communication and daily life.

Prevention and care

In cases where there is severe hearing problems, the sound cannot be heard. And if it’s on both sides then It will greatly disturb the quality of daily life, namely not being able to communicate with others. Therefore, you should consult a doctor to rehabilitate your hearing with the use of hearing aids, which can help alleviate the problem to a certain extent.

Children and grandchildren should treat the elderly with understanding. By talking nearby, speaking slowly, using a louder bass voice than normal. and make eye contact by choosing to stand or sit and talk in a position where the elderly can clearly see the mouth of the person talking Choose to have a conversation in a noisy place. You must understand that This hearing problem It happens with age. And when we enter the elderly age We will face this same problem as the elderly. Therefore, the love and understanding that family members have for the elderly regarding this hearing problem. Therefore it is important. that helps the elderly to have encouragement

It can be seen that in the elderly there are many limitations in many aspects. Therefore, the self-care of the elderly may not be very good. It is necessary for children and grandchildren to be closely looked after. and give you love and understanding. Therefore, it will truly help the elderly have a better quality of life.

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