Cold…is it dangerous for hearing aids?

The weather during this period can be said to be winter. But there are still some temperature changes. However, don’t forget to take care of your health as well.

Due to the colder weather It will have the same effect on living life. If it were us, then You may need to find a sweater to wear to keep warm. The weather is changing. Longer nights Cold weather like this can cause your hearing aids to be affected as well. Let’s try to see if the cold is harmful to hearing aids or not?


So is cold really harmful to hearing aids?

In fact, cold weather has both advantages and disadvantages. It will depend on what kind of cold conditions are encountered. Which is the advantage of cool air? Wearing is comfortable and feels good to the ear because wearing a hearing aid will block the ear canal and prevent air from entering, which will affect the hearing of the hearing aid. This is why many people often have problems. Ear wax builds up in the ear canal or salt builds up in the hearing aid. This comes from sweat that flows from the ear canal into the hearing aid. The cool air will act to prevent sweat from occurring. More comfortable to wear Have confidence in wearing it and that is important. Hearing aids work more efficiently in hot weather.

But…….cold weather also has disadvantages for hearing aids. Whenever you go to various places where fog occurs, it can cause salt build-up in your hearing aid. Because in the mist there will be water droplets inside causing a reaction to the hearing aid causing moisture inside the hearing aid. As a result, salt particles come out of the hearing aid itself.


For ways to maintain your hearing aids during the cold winter months.

In terms of maintaining clear hearing aids during the winter, This can be done easily as follows.

1.Remove the batteries from the hearing aid after use.

Whether it’s the cold from the cold weather or the heat that comes from the summer Every time you remove your hearing aid The battery inside must be removed every time. Because the battery in the hearing aid is a Zinc-Air type, if it is not removed, There will be a reaction to the battery, creating salt that affects the inside of the hearing aid.

2. Do not wear hearing aids while exercising.

It’s not just the battery that causes salt in hearing aids. Human sweat can also react with hearing aids. Can also be born with salt. Therefore, if there is a need to exercise or must exercise. Always remove your hearing aid first.

3. Clean your hearing aids after use.

Use cleaning cloths all over the hearing aid area and keep cleaning the sound receiver connector (WAX Guard). Change it every 1-2 weeks/times. This will depend on the regularity of wearing the hearing aid as well.

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