Benefits of a good hearing aid

In the early stages of wearing hearing aids, it is for people who have never worn hearing aids before. Often there will be symptoms of not getting used to wearing hearing aids for a long time. Therefore, it may cause problems. and may affect hearing performance to deteriorate

For this reason, Widex develops hearing aid technology to meet various needs. of those who use it effectively, such as

  • Developed hearing aids to have a SLNR (Soft Level Noise Reduction) function for cutting out noise that is not very loud. while the voice is at a low level
  • EASYWEAR hearing aid design with sound guide tube and thin signal cables Fits most ears This is so that people who have never worn hearing aids may feel uncomfortable. and not confident when starting to wear it in the beginning
  • Widex uses Real-time speech enhancer technology that helps listeners hear conversations better in chaotic situations. and reduce noise. Suitable for people who work amidst noise. or where there is strong wind

With various technologies from Widex mentioned above. Can make users confident that using hearing aids will not only create a better hearing experience It also helps build confidence for the wearer.

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