Splashing promotions, welcoming Songkran 🔫💦🎉

Early Songkran Celebration Promotion! 🔫💦🎉

💧 WIDEX MOMENT 220, 440 -10% OFF

Free gift: WIDEX TV-PLAY or WIDEX SOUND ASSIST when purchasing 2 WIDEX MOMENT 220, 440 devices.

💧 WIDEX MAGNIFY 100 promotion: When you purchase one device, you’ll receive a 10% discount. But wait, it gets even better! If you buy two devices, the discount increases to an impressive 20%!

💧 Up to 50% off on hearing aid accessories.
📆 Today’s exclusive promotion – only on April 12, 2024.
**Terms and conditions are as specified by the company. Products are limited in quantity.
📍 You can schedule an appointment for a hearing aid trial at DEAR Hearing Centers.

Think about hearing problems. Think of Dear Hearing
Dear Hearing “Regain your sound of life”
Dear Hearing Center
We have been providing hearing care services for over 35 years.
Tel. 02-668-1300
Line Official : @dearhearing

If anyone is interested You can ask for more information. Or make an appointment to receive service at Dear Hearing Center, all 17 branches.

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