Nong Om, a 6-year-old child, is happy to hear..again.

Happy to hear..again

Nong Om, a 6-year-old little girl, 2 years ago and the first time we met. Dear Hearing Center, Udon Thani Branch On that day, Nong Om was still unable to communicate or hear her mother’s voice. Mother brought Nong Om to consult about her hearing and entrusted her trust to us with the test results from the hospital.

Deer Hearing Center gave Nong Om the first experience of his life. The first time Nong Om heard her mother’s voice calling her. Nong Om turned and smiled at her mother. At that moment, his mother immediately decided to buy him a hearing aid. Even though at first, Nong Om didn’t cooperate very well. But the response gave Mom hope and throughout the first month, she liked to wear the hearing aid all the time.

The first meeting between Nong Om and Khun Mukda (Dr. Mukda Pattana-anek, audiologist). Nong Om still doesn’t dare to let Mukda touch her. and how much cooperation Nong Om cried throughout the counseling session with her mother. On that day, I could only give advice. and prints of both sides of Nong Om’s ears, which of course did not receive cooperation from Nong Om But it went well.

The 2nd time, meeting again between Nong Om and Khun Mukda. This time was very gratifying. Nong Om cooperates very well. Whether it’s about wearing hearing aids every day. There is communication of understanding. There is learning. There has been better development in many areas. Nong Om was cheerful and cooperated with Khun Mukda throughout this meeting. This is something that we at Deere Hearing Center are very pleased and delighted about. that can help Nong Om have a better quality of life from hearing sounds and learned from listening

Good experiences from: Jesada Nilsaeng

By: Dr. Mukda Pattana-anek (Deer Hearing Center Udon Thani branch)

On January 24, 2019

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