Dear Hearing Center Honored and welcomed by the group from the 3rd generation

Dear Hearing, hello.


Dear Hearing Center by Dr. Mukda Pattana-anek and Mr. Phum Pattana-anek, company executives We were honored and welcomed the group from the 3rd generation of the Secondary Educational Service Area Office, led by Mr. Aomsin Chewaphruek, special expert advisory committee member of the Prime Minister, and Dr. Thaniya Phongsiri (director of television station TNN2), Ms. Natip Thepwarintharamat who came to visit and join in congratulating with the new Deere Hearing Center on Sukhothai Road. Mr. Phum Patana-anek gave a tour of the facility. and presents a history of over 30 years of experience in hearing, hearing problems that are common among Thai people ,Steps to help people with hearing problems of Dear Hearing Center and the newest technology of hearing aids used for those who have hearing problems. To know and give importance to ears and hearing problems which are hidden problems. People with problems often don’t pay attention. Compared to eye and vision problems In fact, hearing problems are equally important. If you get a hearing test and are aware of the problem early on, Don’t let it spread until your hearing becomes severely damaged. This will make hearing correction effective and you can lead a fulfilling life. daily routine Or happily chat with family members and people around you. . Dear Hearing Center Thank you to everyone from the group of the 3rd generation of the NRCT for coming on this occasion.


Dear Hearing, thank you.

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