Grandma Kromsilp, age 68, is happy to hear..again.

Happy to hear..again

          Grandma Kromsilp, age 68 years, beloved grandmother of the family. He had hearing problems for 2 years after his stroke. Grandma’s daughter was the one who brought Grandma to consult about her hearing problems. Dear Hearing Center, Udon Thani Branch The first time we met Grandma, she was quite quiet. Rarely smiles and rarely speaks Maybe because he was considerate when talking to someone and had to ask many times. So you chose to be quiet. But Grandma is very lucky to have a family that cares about her. Take Grandma to consult and find help.

          The first words my daughter asked her grandmother after getting her hearing aid fitted. “Mommy, did you hear that?” A smile appeared on Grandma’s face. He nodded in response. After that, the atmosphere changed. Grandma’s family all happily came to talk to Grandma. And the conversation has increased. Along with the smiles of Grandma and family

          After Grandma wore a hearing aid for 2 weeks, Deere Hearing Center invited Grandma to see Ms. Mukda (Dr. Mukda Patana-anek, audiologist) to follow up on wearing the hearing aid. and to reassure Grandma that she will receive the best care from us. Deer Hearing Center.

Good experience from: Grandma Krom Silp Duang Mahachai (wearing a Widex hearing aid, model Unique30 BTE)

By: Dr. Mukda Pattana-anek, Audiologist (Dear Hearing Center Udon Thani branch)

On January 24, 2019

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