Reduce the risk of hearing loss! DO & DON’T

Reduce the risk of hearing loss! DO & DON’T

Deer Hearing Center Here are some do’s and don’ts. To reduce risky behaviors that may cause hearing loss. The auditory nerve is at risk for hearing loss.

It is caused by some inappropriate behavior.
What will it be like? Let’s go and see!

These are only basic prevention measures to reduce the risk of hearing loss.

• Set the volume on various devices to a safe level.
• Limit time spent using personal headphones.

•  Wear hearing protection.

• Reduce your consumption of caffeinated beverages.

• See a specialist or consult a doctor.


• Have stress

• Staying in a loud place for a long time.

• Blow your nose, cough, and sneeze hard.

• Pick your ears often.

• Eat salty food continuously.

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