How are hearing aid batteries different from normal batteries?

There are many different types of batteries. Some types are different in size or appearance, but in the end their use is the same, which is to provide power to electrical equipment. Hearing aid batteries are also considered batteries. But what makes a hearing aid battery so good? Unlike other batteries, Deere Hearing Center will explain it for everyone to understand.


Battery type

That hearing aid battery It is a Zinc Air battery. This type of battery will react with air. If you remove the sticker It means that It will be activated immediately. The sticker cannot be put back on to stop use. And most importantly, this type of battery cannot be reused

Normally, the expiration date of the battery is You can check this by looking at the month and year of expiration. There will be a number on the back of the battery panel displayed, which will have 4 digits. The first 2 digits mean the month of expiration, and the last 2 digits mean the year of expiration.



Service life

The lifespan of a hearing aid battery depends on two factors:

1. Types of hearing aids

Typically, large hearing aids or hearing aids that use a lot of sound amplification power will use more battery power than smaller hearing aids or those that use less sound amplifying power.

2. Period of use

Just like using general electrical appliances. If the hearing aid is in use for a long period of time The more battery power is used.

As for the energy consumption rate of the hearing aid, It has been determined from the manufacturer before. Which may be different for each model. You can see more details from Product specification documents (Product data sheet) attached for each brand of battery.

Notes on using hearing aid batteries

-When the sticker is removed The air reacts immediately with the battery. Stickers cannot be placed over the original location to save battery power.

-Batteries will expire within 4 to 6 weeks after the sticker is removed even if not in use.

-Can check battery power Using a battery energy measuring device to avoid confusion between used batteries and unused batteries.

-Most batteries are of different sizes, you can see the numbers on the battery. or battery color To see which color and number of batteries are suitable for hearing aids.

An example of looking at the electricity consumption of a hearing aid per hearing aid battery.

You can view the features of your hearing aid. Go through the product date sheet on each model of hearing aid. As for the sample information document for that product It belongs to the WIDEX EVOKE hearing aid model F2.


The line “Battery Drain” is written to indicate the rate at which power is drained by the hearing aid. That will be used at 1.07 mA(milliamps).

And the line that shows Battery life means the lifespan of the battery. One hearing aid battery can be used up to 160 hours, or more than 100 hours if it is used more than normal.

Dear Hearing Center also sells WIDEX and Deere brand batteries. You can see product pictures as follows.


เบอร์ 10 

เบอร์ 13 

เบอร์ 312

เบอร์ 675

If anyone is interested in ordering batteries You can inquire about prices at Line add@dearhearing or call: 02-668-1300

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