Check before it’s too late.

Check your own behavior. If you have any of these behaviors, you should go get your hearing checked immediately!

Starting to have difficulty understanding what others are saying.
If you are in a noisy environment, such as in a restaurant

Can’t keep up with the conversation
You have to try very hard to capture the meaning. Especially in conversations with many people. Sometimes lip reading is required.
Go help

Turn the TV up loud. But I still feel like I can’t hear clearly.
– Time to go shopping Sometimes don’t understand what the seller or cashier is saying.

Can’t hear other people speaking while in the car or using public transportation.

People around you begin to think that you have a hearing problem.

Many people when they have symptoms may think it’s not a big deal. But in fact, you should immediately seek treatment or have your hearing checked!

Anyone who would like to receive hearing counseling You can come to DEAR Hearing.
If interested, ask for more information. Or make an appointment for service, you can fill out the information at this link!


Ask for more information

Deer Hearing Center

We have been providing services for hearing problems for over 30 years.

Tel. 02-668-1300

Line Official: @dearhearing

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