5 tips for traveling on a long holiday

Holiday Hear! A long holiday like this is probably a time for many people to spend time with friends or family. However, those who need hearing aids may encounter problems when they are in places where people are busy and disruptive. There is too much noise. will deal especially with restaurants

DEAR Hearing has 5 tips to help you deal with this situation.

1. Choose a restaurant with a quiet atmosphere, with carpeted floors, thick curtains, and low ceilings.

2. Avoid sitting near the speaker. and sit in an area where the face of the interlocutor can be clearly highlighted

3.Schedule your meals a little earlier for lunch and dinner so you can eat before more people arrive.

4. Don’t nod your head in agreement if you can’t hear what your friend is saying out of earshot. so that there will be no confusion

5. Check your hearing aids before going out.

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