5 reasons to check your hearing

#Hearing test or #hearing test I believe that most people are still not familiar with these things. So how do we prepare for a hearing test? And how do we know that we have these problems?

Today, admin will tell you 5 reasons why you chose to have your hearing checked at DEAR HEARING.

1. We think we can still hear the sound well, but it’s difficult to hear in a crowded place.

2. You think you’re too young or you’re still too young so you don’t think it’s necessary to get tested. In fact, hearing problems can be caused by other factors. In addition to factors of physical deterioration, such as those who live in a noisy environment for a long time, using headphones for a long time or talking on the phone continuously for a long period of time It can cause hearing problems, etc.

3. People around us say that we use a loud voice when speaking. Or watch TV and turn it up loud. in daily life

4. When you feel that there is something wrong with your ear. Must come for examination for diagnosis Find the cause of the disease

5. Getting a proper hearing test Makes us aware of our ability to listen to sound. and the health of our ears without having to guess Because it has been examined by a specialist, if examined and found to have hearing problems, they will know the results and enter the treatment process correctly and safely.

Dear Hearing Center We have experts who are ready to give advice. Providing advice on hearing problems Have appropriate hearing aids according to problem solving according to your requirements

Preparing before going for a hearing test

Avoid exposure to loud noises of any kind at home. or at work at least 12 hours before receiving a hearing test. This is to prevent temporary hearing loss (temporary threshold shift).

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