3 ways to test your hearing If you don’t want to lose your hearing

       Have you ever, at times, been unable to hear your own voice or hear the quiet sounds of others? Some people may think that this is normal and that it can happen naturally. But sometimes I’m complacent and let it go because I think “it will go away on its own,” so I don’t go see a doctor for treatment. If symptoms continue for a long time, eventually it will be difficult to return to normal. If anyone still doesn’t know if they can still hear normally. Today, Deer Hearing Center has 3 methods to recommend for hearing testing to recommend to everyone.

1. Check your hearing yourself.

       It’s about using yourself to test your hearing to check. Is there an abnormality? Do you hear sounds on the left or right? Which side hears less? The first thing we can check our hearing is by using our fingers as a tester. That is, we will use 4 fingers, the index finger and the thumb, to rub the fingertips in circles. Starting from close to the ear to a distance of about 1 foot to hear how far the sound can be heard. The second thing is that the preliminary test is to observe whether you have this kind of behavior or not, for example: 1. Notice that you say, How often do you “find” or “what?” 2. Feel that your voice is softer than usual. 3. Can hardly hear soft sounds such as birds singing, wind blowing. 4. Having trouble talking on the phone. 5. People at home always complain that you turn the TV volume up too loud. If you have more than 2 symptoms, it means that you are beginning to have hearing problems.

2. Check your hearing through a mobile application.

       Nowadays, technology Helps make our lives more convenient. The hearing test can also be done using a mobile phone. The application that will be introduced is called “MIMI Hearing Test” in which the application will perform a hearing test. and display the results of the test (Audiogram), which can test hearing in less than 5 minutes. The test results obtained from the application Can also be used to refer hearing results to audiologists. The download link will be available for both Android and IOS. You can download it to try it yourself.

Android : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.mimi.ht&hl=th

IOS : https://apps.apple.com/us/app/mimi-hearing-test/id932496645

3. Have your hearing checked by a hearing specialist.

       It is a hearing test with an audiologist. which the Deere Hearing Center There are 3 steps involved in testing hearing levels: 1. Air Conduction Hearing Test 2. Bone Conduction Test and 3. Speech Conduction Hearing Test, which is a method that hearing correction specialists will use. Test with test recipient To measure hearing levels and used to diagnose hearing disorders to correct hearing

Therefore, we should check our hearing at least once a year to know the problem and hearing level. It should not be left neglected. Because if hearing loss occurs to a greater degree, it is difficult to treat and use in daily life.       

Dear Hearing Center We have audiologists ready to provide advice and counseling to service users. Including hearing tests and selling hearing aids. You can make an appointment for a hearing test through the website. www.dear.co.th or you can call in at 02-668-1300 to have your hearing checked as well.

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