Thailand is moving towards “Aging society” It is estimated that in 2020 there will be as many elderly people as 12.6 million people have made Thailand prepare for changing public health problems. And despite the widespread development of medicine today But the body has deteriorated with time. Which may have an impact on life Especially about hearing Which affects the efficiency of communicating with people And environment Because if the ear is damaged, it will not be able to communicate with anyone.

“Ears” are organs that allow us to hear different sounds. By carrying sound waves that are meaningful to the brain The brain then interprets the sound it hears if the brain is not stimulated by the sound. The ability to interpret from any sound will also be reduced.

There are two causes of deafness in the elderly:

1 The inner ear, which is the auditory nerve, deteriorates with age.

2 middle ear and outer ear Where inflammation There may be a blockage of ear wax and waterlogging, making it deafness. Due to the sound conduction mechanism

Effects of “deafness” symptoms

– The elderly will have hearing problems. It was found from 40-60% in those aged over 75 years and increased to more than 80% of those over 85 years of age. The elderly often do not know about it. Or hear, but cannot comprehend

– The elderly may have symptoms of forgetfulness and forgetfulness to ask over and over again due to slow brain function and deterioration and if they have deafness. When the brain is not stimulated by sound Will cause the brain to deteriorate faster

– when the speaker is not heard Cannot respond to the interlocutor Therefore unable to interact with the environment or close people can affect mood The elderly feel hurt and neglected by their family members. It will keep quiet and may be the cause of depression.

Help guide

If the cochlear deterioration from age Using a hearing aid Will help the elderly to be happy Nowadays, hearing aids are very modern based on digital technology. Makes it possible to adjust the sound to be more natural It can also be controlled not to be too loud if the sound is very loud. Will adjust the volume to fit Not harmful to hearing.

Using a hearing aid Will stimulate the hearing to send sound waves to the brain and will keep the brain working Which the offspring should take care of closely and keep encouraging Interact with you regularly Hearing the sounds you like, whether it be family voices, music, nature sounds all around you, which will preserve your hearing and make you happy.

As for hearing problems in the middle ear Can be treated by surgery and medication regardless of the cause of deafness. Should seek medical attention And seek urgent treatment for the good hearing health of the elderly which is your place