As the age increases The physical condition will deteriorate. Especially in the elderly That the physical condition will deteriorate rapidly and be in a bad way Therefore, various symptoms occur including hearing impairment with hearing It is a very important element of communication. And helping to make the safety of the environment more, so if there is a hearing problem, it can significantly lower the quality of life.

Early symptoms

Older people have a worse ability to pick up voices. Often have symptoms of tinnitus or deafness With the initial symptoms are Rarely can hear noisy or high frequency sounds, such as female voices, high-key music. Or when in a place where there is noise, it may not understand Causing the elderly to have a lower quality of life in communicating with others without knowing

These symptoms will gradually Is slow And more Until it becomes a big problem in communication and daily life

Prevention and care

In the case of hearing problems, seldom heard. And if it’s both sides as well This will disrupt the quality of daily life, ie not being able to communicate with others. Therefore, a doctor should be consulted for hearing rehabilitation using a hearing aid, which can help alleviate the problem to a certain extent.

Grandchildren should treat the elderly with understanding. By talking close, speak slowly, use a bass that is louder than normal. And there is eye contact, choose to stand or sit and talk in a position where the elderly can clearly see the person’s mouth. Choose to chat in a noisy place to understand that This hearing problem Inevitably occurs with age And when we step into old age We will also face this problem as the elderly, so the love and understanding the family has for the elderly towards this hearing problem. So it is important That can help the elderly to be encouraged

It can be seen that in the elderly there are many limitations. Elderly self-care may not be very good. It is imperative that the grandchildren need to take care of them closely. And gives you love and understanding Thus helping the elderly have a truly better quality of life

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