Accessories & Connectivity

Sound Assist

Helping you listen clearly…even more than before.

Can be used continuously for 10 hours.
Small and lightweight, easy to carry.
Can stream with various Bluetooth devices.
Can adjust the focus and direction of sound reception.
Has Telecoil mode


Increase the enjoyment of your TV viewing

Connect to WIDEX MOMENT with Bluetooth.
Easy to install and connect to hearing aids
Stable in Streaming
The sound received is of high quality. Can be customized
Can cut out outside noise.


A helper that will make you watch TV
Have fun without noise.

Can be used continuously for 10 hours.
The buttons are large and easy to use.
The sound at Stream is of good quality and clear.
Cancel out outside noise well


REMOTE CONTROL that will help control daily life easily.

Can be used for 1 year/battery life
Simple, compact design
Helps you switch modes, increase-decrease the volume.
The keypad is large. Easy to use


Easy to carry accessories Make your life easier

Can be used continuously for 8 hours.
Easy to carry with neck strap.
Helps change hearing mode Can answer and hang up calls
Can Streaming


A helper that will make you talk on the phone clearer than before.

Can be used for up to 80 hours.
Standby for up to 3 weeks.
No buttons to press, just connect and use.
Plug in the phone Through a 3.5 mm jack hole.

Hearing aid Battery

DEAR Hearing hearing aid battery

Batteries for hearing aids It’s a type that is known as Zinc Air. The battery will react with air to transfer energy. Therefore, when removing the sticker, The battery will begin to be used immediately and at all times, and the sticker cannot be reapplied to stop use.
     Batteries used must be specific to the hearing aid. Looks like a watch battery But they cannot be used interchangeably. Because the power is not the same (Hearing aid battery = 1.4V / 1.45V, watch battery = 1.5V) If you put a watch battery in a hearing aid, it will cause problems with the device later.
Hearing aid batteries come in 4 sizes. Learn the sizes by number and color as follows.
No. 10 yellow
No. 13 orange
No. 312 brown
No. 675 blue

The expiration date can be seen on the back of the panel.
If not in use, do not remove the sticker on the back of the battery.
When to use the battery Peel off the sticker on the back. Then wait approximately 30 seconds for the batteries to react with the air before inserting them into the hearing aid. The lifespan of this battery is generally around 5-10 days.
In case you wear your hearing aids while sweating a lot or in the rain, wipe the batteries dry after use. And wrap the battery in tissue paper to absorb moisture during the night.
*Batteries for hearing aids This type cannot be charged additionally. or can be reused again and again

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